Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Rappers That Influence Me As A Writer...Period (Not In This Order)

Andre 3000






J.Cole (Signed to Jay-Z ROC Nation (Sounds Like Drake))

Joe Budden (Joell Ortiz, and Royce Da 5'9)

Kanye West

Little Brother (Out Of NC NICE!!!)

Mos Def

Lupe Fiasco




Wednesday, June 17, 2009

F.F.T. (Food For Thought)

The fact that I’m in the room is a problem… I don’t ever want people to feel like they have to change the way they conduct themselves to appeal to me or anyone for that matter. Now on a spiritual level that statement is true because the devil/enemy/powers that be (whatever you want to call him) doesn’t want you to influence anybody to do anything. His motto is “the less you do, the better”, he wants to drain you of all you creative energy to the point to where you yourself become lethargic to life in general. So my words to you today don’t allow life to sit on your shoulders and weigh you down. What I always tell young brothers and sisters that I talk with about school and life. I always tell them any progress is better than no progress. As long as you are putting forth an effort to better yourself, or as Jonathan Sprinkles would say “Giving God Something To Work With” he will continue to open doors for you. Saying all that to say this your circle of friends or your support group is very important, because the people you have in your life are doing one of two things. Their either adding to your success and growth as an individual or they are simply along for the ride.

This is just something to chew on for little bit, food for thought.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Buying This Next Check LOL!

Some of My Fav Poem Clips

Check Out Se7en!!!

Check Out Sunni Patterson!!!

Check Out Blair Wingo!!!

Check Out Saul Williams!!!

Check ME OUT!!!!!!
Me Performing @ Houston Community College (HCC)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Can You Do To Change The Future?

This was a question that was asked to me by a good friend years ago and I really couldn’t answer him because I misunderstood the question. Well from what I’ve learned and been through I look at that question much differently. Because In order to change the future you must first change yourself, I say that because you can’t lead your peers (or the younger generation) if you yourself are walking around blindfolded. What you think of yourself and how you conduct yourself is very important, it has a lot to do with how you handle situations. Where you see yourself going, and what you are doing to improve yourself as a person (husband, wife, boy/girl friend whatever). I challenge all of you who read this blog to do something that makes you better. Either read something, write something down, workout meet someone new. Anything. Just do something that will help you grow.

I’ll add to this later…or comment if you want.

Books On The Way!!!! (not in this order)

"Truth Be Told"
The Collection of short stories that cover all kinds of situations that people go through. As my the poems they have hidden messages in them.

"Life on Hold"
This is a novel about a newly married couple and the up's and downs they face in life.It's more up lifting then anything I think. I tried to shine the light on many different problems they had and how that looked to God and each other for support to overcome them. (This is book the first book of a 8 or 9 book series)

"From The Top of My Lungs"
The second book of poetry along the same line of "Speak What you Scared to Whisper".


1."Today when you stand before the mirroi, remember that what you say affects the person you are looking at. So say something powerful"

2."The key to unlock the box you're in, is not in someon else's pocket - it's within your own mind"

3."An enemy will never tell you to stop working on your goals - he will merely whisper, "Do it tomorrow"

4.“Do not allow thoughts of inferiority to keep you from accomplishing great things. You may feel like you are always coming up short, but be confident in God!”

5.“Sometimes we want other people to change, but in reality, we cannot make them change. Change must start within ourselves. Change is the order of the day!”

6.“Today marks the start of a new day. You cannot change what took place yesterday, last week or last month. Forget about the past, and press forward!”

7.“Do not allow the fear of failure to stop you from stepping out to accomplish what God outs in your heart. He will make the provisions available!”

8.“God has given you authority over every aspect of your life, including your own mind! Fight bad thoughts with Gods Word”

9.“What you accomplish in life matters most when you have used your accomplishments to impact the lives of others. You have been blessed to be a blessing"

10.“How you start and finish your day is very important. Start and end each day in the Word and with prayer. That’s how you prepare for daily success!”