Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Motivational Text I sent Out Last Month (for the one's who aren't on the list)

Being happy doesn't mean you dont have problems it just means youve decided to be happy how you start your day sets the tone for everything. We can't allow little things to get under your skin...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

The key to winning is to refuse to lower yourself to the level of your naysayers and haters. Don't wast your time, talk to them when they get on the level your on...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Your life becomes what you think about most of the time. Align your thoughts with God, Love, (and your definition of) Success and everything will be fine...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forté

Make today a great day, not just for you but for someone you are connected to. Its the little things in life that make a big difference. Do what you can to improve yourself and the others around you. Because if your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Pray like everything depends on your prayers, and work like everything depends on your work. Always put your best foot forward. God is continually molding you into the great person he needs you to be, one step at a time...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

There will come a time in your life where you will have to motivate yourself. You have to be able to see the goal you want and go get it no matter how small or big it is. God has given you everything you need to be successful you just have to know when to go into your tool box...Durell M. Forte'

You can do anything that you put you mind to do, as long as you have faith in yourself and KEEP FAITH IN GOD. It will not happen overnight and it wont be handed to you either. You will have to do a little work but your payoff will be great...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

What you accomplish in life matters most when you have used your accomplishments to impact the lives of others. You have been blessed to be a blessing...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Life is full of hurdles, it will sometimes feel like you get over one only to run into another. But the key thing is you "got over" the last one so the one infront of you really wont be any different. So Keep jumping...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

No matter what you are doing as a job or a hobby or whatever. Make sure you have fun at some point in time, laugh do something out of your normal routine...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Life is full of hurdles, it will sometimes feel like you get over one only to run into another. But the key thing is you "got over" the last one so the one infront of you really wont be any different. So Keep jumping...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Failure is not falling down, its staying down. We have to keep getting up and moving forward. Life is too short to just stop in the middle (which a lot of us do). God has created a circle of people/your support group (friends) to help you when you have a little trouble. Help is never a bad thing the world is too big for you to try and do everything by yourself...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

We often beat ourselves up because we "think" we should be a lot further along then where we are. But you have to understand God has you in that spot for a reason. So learn and grow as much as you can in this area of life until its time to move to the next platform...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Being healthy is more then just working out, running, and drinking water. You also have a spiritual health that you have to keep in shape and are accounted for also. I dont mean go and read th bible from cover to cover but start somewhere. Think and act positively today as a start, then go from there...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

To be honest (at least to me) it doesnt really matter what size you next step is. As long as you "make" one in the right direction. Any progress is better then none. Continue to motivate your self to go get your goal/dream because God wouldnt have revealed it to you if is wasnt already yours...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

You never rally know what is on peoples mind or what they are going through. I challenge you to give someone a compliment at some point in your conversation. Even if its something small...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Sometime you have to do things with no "backing", people will not always agree with everything you do. You dont really need a stamp of "approval" from everyone. And you can't make everyone happy, so don't try to...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Sometime it will feel as if life is at a stand still like nothing is happening. But this may be the time when God is working things out for you. Just because you can't see thing happening doesn't mean thing aren't being smoothed out....Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Life will throw things at you that are out of your controle. Thats where prayer comes in, pray and let God work on it. But that doesn't mean you can worry after you pray it defeats the purpose of the prayer...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Friends, like it or not you need them honestly (to me) they are put in your life to tell you, or repeate to you what God has already told you. So appreciate them even if you are don't agree with them all the time...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

Most of the tests we face in life will come to us when we're tired. They will hardly ever show up on your door step when your fresh. Thats when the second wind comes in, were you get a jolt of energy, motivation, faith, or whatever you need to pass your test. Keep moving...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

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