Wednesday, July 27, 2011


God is at work around us all the time. And it seems (at least to me) that God may have people in your way on purpose so you can bless them. True it may not look like that at first but after you have dealt with that person you will see what a blessing you were to them. So saying that to say love everybody even when your don’t want to (not easy)…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

The key to being better is believing in yourself. You have to FIRST then people will as well. But if you are always in search of approval from people you will be in search for a long time...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

Never let life steal your confidence. True life will test you but know that you have already won. Because you are Gods child...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte'

The day is going to happen wheather you participate or not. Work on your happieness! It must start with the choice of you wanting to behappy then it spills out into the natural...Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

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