Friday, October 14, 2011

Motivation: October 10th - 14th

I'm Back!!

(Monday October 10, 2011)
Weather you asked for it or pray for it life will and is changing. You have to adjust to the things around you and continue to grow in to the powerful person God wants you to be. It will take time, trust in yourself and more importantly trust in God…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

(Tuesday October 11, 2011)
Stop being bitter about the past and use it as fuel. Everything that has happen to you up until this point made you the person you are today. Stop beating yourself up and looking back feeling bad just keep moving forward. Look at it this way in a car you have a windshield and a small review mirror (meaning) your future is more important than you’re past…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

(Wednesday October 12, 2011)
The enemy doesn’t fight fair so why are you still trying to stand toe to toe with him. He knows he can’t take a hit from you so he will try to sneak you and get you when your vulnerable (Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed) God knows this already and he is fixing it…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

(Thursday October 13, 2011)
Every time you get ready to go into another stage in your life you will have to deal with a giant (a problem). So don’t look at it as what the giant is guarding isn’t yours you just have to show God that you can be tenacious…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

(Friday October 14, 2011)
We as believers have to be able to thank God for the decrease so we can be better prepared for our increase. Because everybody can’t go with you to the next level (there not suppose to). I say it all the time God puts people in your circle for a reason and you never know how long they are suppose to stay. You have to love them when they come and love them when they leave just the same…Peace & Blessing Durell M. Forte

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