Monday, February 6, 2012

New Poem!

This is in the upcoming book call "Don't Tell Me To Hush " (a.k.a. Yeah I said It! lol) another Collection of Poetry let me know what you think.

"As Long As You Let Me"

She painted her face with distance and insecurity, there she was a replica of two lives.....

In the daytime she was girl who was considered a dime but never gave any man the time of day.

With a look on her face as if to say "I'm on my grown women tip. So please peon step aside, no Mack Daddies are allowed in my circle"

Not many male friends and even less females ones.

She grew to be okay with being alone out in the open.

But underneath all the Mac make up and eye shadow, she wanted a friend, but and continued to keep people at more than a arms length away.

Saying I don't trust you as far as I can throw you and I don't hold dead weight.

Giving everybody a shoulder that's colder then December Alaska.

Painting the picture to where if you were on fire and she had a bottle of water she'd walk right past you.

Not even tossing you a drip, or giving you a tip to stop drop and roll.

Honestly man it hurts my soul.

To know that a least half of the women I know deal with one of these issues if not both.

Cause in the night time it get worse.

Cause she feels like she's not good enough to have a good man so she settles for trash.

True he may open the door for you, be to him you still just a piece of,

Ask me one more time what I see when I look at you, and I tell you the truth and you choose not to listen, I'm going to keep talking.

Beauty and brains, notice I said nothing about your body.

Because I am in love with your inward beauty not you outward beauty.

The insecurity you are dealing with if from external,

PLEASE stop looking in the mirror and comparing yourself you every other women on this earth.

The hardest thing to do is convince a women of her worth, But I will continue to try as long as you let me.

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