Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Brilliant Brothers You Should Know By Now (BlackAmericaWeb.com)

This is hardly a definitive list of smart brothers, but we wanted to give props to a few we knew across the age gamut who've contributed mightily to overcoming the stereotype that black men can’t be intellectual. These brothers read, write, teach and speak and do their part to brighten up the world with their brilliance.

Hopefully, you’re already familiar with some of these names; if not, we encourage you to check out their work and enjoy their intellectual capacity. This is a group of men not celebrated for their hoop skills or their rhyme prowess, but for their very, very sexy minds. We salute and celebrate these men of letters.

There's more where they came from, we know. But let's take a minute to give these five bright brothers their just due. By the way President Obama is excluded from this list, only because we already know that man is brilliant - after all, he’s our Commander-in-Chief.

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