Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Michael Eric Dyson

If People magazine ever did a "Smartest Men Alive" cover, we know Michael Eric Dyson's face would be on the cover. This Chicago-born black man has the flow of a rapper in his speech, he uses vocabulary words that you usually on see on the SAT, and he's a prolific writer. Oh, and did we mention he's also a Baptist minister? What the man can do with words is extraordinary. He's so sweet with his words, if he wasn’t a scholar, he’d make a mean pimp, but maybe he’s already a word pimp, selling his intellect to the world, ya dig?

Dyson, 53, a Princeton graduate, is a speaker, thinker, professor, author, cultural critic and more. And sorry, ladies, he's also married - to the equally brilliant Marcia Dyson. Well, we said he was smart, didn’t we?

Follow him on Twitter @MichaelEDyson.
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