Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1."Today when you stand before the mirroi, remember that what you say affects the person you are looking at. So say something powerful"

2."The key to unlock the box you're in, is not in someon else's pocket - it's within your own mind"

3."An enemy will never tell you to stop working on your goals - he will merely whisper, "Do it tomorrow"

4.“Do not allow thoughts of inferiority to keep you from accomplishing great things. You may feel like you are always coming up short, but be confident in God!”

5.“Sometimes we want other people to change, but in reality, we cannot make them change. Change must start within ourselves. Change is the order of the day!”

6.“Today marks the start of a new day. You cannot change what took place yesterday, last week or last month. Forget about the past, and press forward!”

7.“Do not allow the fear of failure to stop you from stepping out to accomplish what God outs in your heart. He will make the provisions available!”

8.“God has given you authority over every aspect of your life, including your own mind! Fight bad thoughts with Gods Word”

9.“What you accomplish in life matters most when you have used your accomplishments to impact the lives of others. You have been blessed to be a blessing"

10.“How you start and finish your day is very important. Start and end each day in the Word and with prayer. That’s how you prepare for daily success!”

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